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JAV research and reviews

An indepth study on key studios, the videos they make, directors and actresses.

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JUX-773 Daughter-in-law of farmer
15:30, 2016-Jan-6

The Madonna Label
Madonna have a pretty set formula that has proved successful since the label started in 2003. Fans can rely on consistent quality of both the film and the actresses. Over the years a number of successful series have been launched and some are still going strong today. Madonna usually focuses on older women/Married women types.

Farmer life / Rural setting.

Typically these sort of stories will involve one or more women in a countryside setting, often they are new from the city and have trouble adjusting to life on the farm. Typically they will encounter horny farm workers or other locals who take advantage of the actresses. The character arch of the actresses characters generally go from an outsider who is repressed/not-satisfied and unhappy with life, gets seduced by a local man/men and then accepts the new environment, sexual exploration and job.

Costume Design
For this post were focus on one type of script that you sometimes see in JAV, and that is where the story is set in a rural setting. As in the following video dead give always are the traditional farming dress commonly worn in Japan. While this is not exactly the best clothing to show off a woman's figure. For the guys that like this subgenera of every day life story its a big plus.

Typical Characters

Principle actress
- Girlfriend/Wife: Most films write this role as a 'fish out of water' type. Who is coming from the big city to stay/work on a farm. Typically not by her own choice but by circumstances forcing her to. Depending on how the plot is structured the woman could have needed to help/support a husband/brother/father and had to leave life in the city.

Principle actor - Boyfriend/Husband: The interesting thing about these stories is usually the husband/boyfriend is just a bit part actor in the plot. His function is usually just to be fooled by the local men that his partner meets when they stay at the farm. Sometimes this role is not written into these stories but that removes a big part of the dramatic tension in the script if you take away a major factor in the risk/reward balance for the actress in having the affair.

Farmer/locals - the true lead men.

In these types of films, the main actors are going to be the farmer/local men who the actress meets. They will have greater character development than the initial love interest and probably have far greater screen time.

Daughter-in-law of farmer /???????????????????? JUX-773
From the box:

2 years I have married Takashi , in fact we were both his second marriage . Takashi-san I have quit to become to rest the company and notice a very quiet person . The city is out called stuffy , it was the decided to straining to Tohoku to live with your father-in-law 's . Your father-in-law 's 's Takashi had quite unlike the imagination . I moment , I remembered a rugged ex-husband . What I thought to be similar If you are greedy , even in . And , ... I felt that the body may become hot .


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